ACUX Energy and Super Consortium are a highly-specialized company and industrial structure, respectively, that provide the missing link to accelerate, integrate and secure urgent bipartisan climate, security, and energy objectives.

The activation of Super Consortium allows ACUX to immediately invest $155 billion in critical green energy infrastructure across seven US States (Kentucky/ West Virginia/ Texas/ Alabama/ Virginia/ Maryland/ Florida) – creating and sustaining for decades more than 30,000 high-value US jobs.

Consequently, ACUX will be the largest US producer of green hydrogen/methanol which can fast-track an industrial-scale transformation of US freight rail and marine shipping from diesel to green methanol fuel, starting at the Port of Baltimore – at a sustainable cost significantly less than diesel.

The Port of Baltimore will be prioritized as a distribution hub of green methanol to the marine shipping, freight rail, and trucking industries, serving as a pilot scheme for LA and Houston.

The 10,000 high-value manufacturing jobs ACUX creates across its twin facilities in Baltimore MD and Chesapeake VA will support US domestic energy demands and international export requirements.

In the Middle East, Super Consortium is a high-value sustainable 80-year industrialization and security insurance policy (reinforcing Abraham Accords) for Israel, Egypt, Jordan, and the Gulf State allies, reliant upon the high-value export products of the Baltimore and Chesapeake facilities.

Super Consortium’s construction phase in the US and Middle East provides a higher-paying secure alternative to coal miners across key construction trades over the next 25 years, protecting the interests of coal miners and catalyzing a faster green transition from coal to carbon-free alternatives.

The collective structure of Super Consortium will reinforce the advantages of the Abraham Accords for the region and motivate Saudi Arabia to rapidly recognize the State of Israel.

Super Consortium’s formidable leverage and capabilities will facilitate a highly reliable industrial partnership between Ethiopia, Egypt, and Sudan to head off military conflict over the Blue Nile water issues and avert a devastating East African humanitarian crisis.